WordCamp Europe (WCEU) 2019 was, unquestionably, a highly fulfilling experience that exceeded almost everyone’s expectations, including the representatives of My Remote Partner. It’s been over two weeks since we said goodbye to Berlin, a breathtakingly beautiful German city that played host to this spectacular event, but that excitement is still running through our veins.

Held between June 20-22, WCEU 2019 was, without a doubt, an adrenaline-infused event that provided untapped-opportunities for businesses from across the globe. We also received a dramatic response from the WordPress community for our unique business model that encourages the concept of remote working for delivering exceptional solutions and brilliant experiences.

WCEU 2019 was a one-of-a-kind event that everyone enjoyed attending; regardless if they were developers, organizers, speakers, sponsors or volunteers- there was a real buzz throughout the entire event.

Here is What Kept Us Occupied During The Event

Contributors’ Day

Held on Thursday 20 June, the Contributor Day is an integral part of the WordCamp Europe tradition that started way back in October 2013 in Leiden, The Netherlands. WordCamp Europe is a 3-day long annual event; WordCamp Europe 2019 is its seventh edition, and like the earlier editions, contributors from different parts of the world made their contributions in a variety of ways to strengthen the WordPress ecosystem on the Contributor Day this year as well.

The Contributor Day kick-started with opening remarks, and leader of each team participating in the event gave a brief introduction about what they are looking forward to contributing to improving the WordPress ecosystem.

In short, on the Contributor Day, attendees not only made their contributions to WordPress, but they also collaborated with like-minded professionals to enrich their knowledge.

Enriching Talks

WCEU 2019 had marvelous speakers, and we wanted to attend all the talks, but that wasn’t possible. Still, we managed to be a part of a couple of them, and all of them were mind-blowing. On day one, we attended the keynote of Matt Mullenweg; he is the co-founder of Automatic, the company behind WordPress. Besides, we also enjoyed a talk on “How fast-growing agencies win business” by Simon Cooke on the same day.

On day two, we attended Marcel Bootsman’s talk on “Why I walked more than 700km to Berlin and survived.” The owner of a WordPress company called Nostromo, Marcel Bootsman is a phenomenal speaker; we had a great time listening to him. Apart from that, we also attended Kåre Steffensen’s session on “How Gutenberg changed the way we sell WordPress sites.

The talks were on different categories such as business, development, design, content and community, etc.

Interactive Workshops

We also participated in a couple of workshops; all of them were quite interactive. We attended one on “Pause. Think. Create.,” by Dennis Hodges. It was one of the best workshops that we attended.

Apart from that, we also attended a workshop on “Automating your QA with visual regression testing” by Andrew Taylor.

Relaxing Wellness Sessions

We also attended the wellness sessions during the event, which was an excellent experience. We learn’t about yoga and mindfulness, both of which are utterly essential for living a healthy and happy life.

We enjoyed a stunning after-party, which was a highly memorable experience.

Lastly, if you are from the tech industry and you haven’t attended any of the editions of WordCamp Europe until now, you must think about being a part of future conferences because they will help you meet like-minded people, and explore untapped opportunities.