We are on the verge of the finishing line for the year 2020. With only one-third of the year remaining it becomes worthwhile to observe the trendsetting innovations in the world of web design, UI, and UX. Most businesses have felt the need to develop a website and an online presence in 2020 more so than ever before. Hiring dedicated resources have been helpful as they possess the intuitiveness and clarity of use have come in handy when the push notifications and never-ending open tabs constantly compete for the client’s attention. The following trends have been observed as an efficient way to grab the visitor’s attention in the era of information overload and create a striking impact that leads to conversions.

Dark mode

This trend has taken the industry by a storm and rightfully deserves to be the first feature to be discussed. We have observed top companies adapt to this modification as well some of the most used apps and operating systems incorporate the dark mode for enhanced usability and impact. Dark mode web designs have been on the table for most discussions when companies hire dedicated resources for their websites. The feature fits extremely well with the bold and eccentric design trends in the market. These themes are also better for the OLED screens as they save power and extend screen lifespans while looking appealing at the same time.

Combining graphics and photos

Mixing graphics with photos has created a significant way for someone to carve a unique image for their brand. This helps you to stand out from the crowd while being on trend with everyone. The photo can be of a person or a product or abstract. There are innumerable possibilities to explore this idea and give it an individualistic touch and add personality to the website. They have been used by the entertainment industry to add playful caricature graphics, while some clothing brands incorporate intricate geometric graphics to add appeal. This trend is here to stay for some time so it can serve as an inspiration if you desire to add some complex attributes to your website with an added flair.

Voice user interface

Voice user interface (VUI) has been one of the latest technologies that can be integrated into your UI/UX design process. Adopting this has been a huge advantage for increasing engagement. It makes the process of searching for information or avail any services extremely easier. This reflects on the number of visitors on your business websites and is directly proportional to their interest in your product. Voice chatbots and virtual assistants can lead to an optimized target audience.


This trend focuses primarily on users and is a perfect example of human-centric design approaches. This concept popularised by Facebook with the help of a like button has taken its sweet time to be adopted by other companies. These features allow the users to interact with the UI/UX interface for a particular moment etching a memory associated with your brand in their minds. Being able to grab the attention of the visitors through such interactions often becomes the distinguishing factor between you and your competitors.

Ample whitespace

Negative space or whitespace can be described as the areas between the design elements of the web page. This trend has caught on because of the sleek and well-balanced feel through the spacious screen. The whitespace need not always be white, it signifies the background which can be composed of different hues as well. Other factors like spacing between the lines, column of texts, range between the visuals, and the margins of the page. We see a lot of wide frames of white space providing a solid structure to the web designs. Watching neatly structured frames around websites makes the visuals shine and gives a satisfying sense of order. It also aids in prioritizing and segregating different parts of the page.

Immersive 3D concepts

With augmented reality and artificial intelligence stepping into the game because technology accelerates design and vice versa. Hyper-realistic 3D on the web page provides an immersive experience for them through your website. This is advantageous for visuals as well as UX as it encourages the visitors to stay on the page for a longer time. This is being accessed by several designers and hiring dedicated services for such improvements can be useful in the long term.

Keep an eye out for more such trends

We still have some time before the year ends, therefore we anticipate that the trends mentioned above will be furthered elegantly and we will observe new designing creations simultaneously. There is vast scope for exploring new ideas with the help of the latest technological advancements. Web designs bridge the gap between your brand and the visitors as they can recognize your message and register your products/services in an easier manner. So staying updated with the latest trends gains a lot of traction and engagement with your potential customers.