The number of startup companies in the UK rose by 14 per cent this year. And London faced the highest increase in the tech startups with the number going as high as 4752. This is definitely an impressive year for the startup and business growth of the UK.

It takes passion, hard work, and determination to make the startup successful. Unfortunately, many of these fail to survive for a longer period. While there are many reasons for their failure, maintaining a solid digital presence is the strongest of them. And where should you get started with it? There are a lot of ways to make your mark online. The best of all is mentioned below!

marketing strategy

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But what if you already have a website which fails to give you the required result? Maybe, you should pay attention to the digital marketing aspect first. Start with designing a reliable and effective SEO strategy before you head towards any other.

With the changes made in the algorithms by the popular search engines, the SEO practices have seen some dramatic changes over the recent years. But still, some basic practices are impactful and offer better results to the websites in these changing times.

Invest Your Time In Tracking Tools

Besides writing fresh posts and include the relevant keywords, there are various other things that SEO asks you to do. The first one that made to this list is integrating your website with tracking tools like Google Analytics.

Here is a set of advantages that this tool offers to the website in the long run.

  1. It stores the user data on the website to analyze how the traffic is coming to your website
  2. Daily and monthly custom reports make the analysing of data much easier
  3. Real-time data tracking helps in measuring the results pretty easily
  4. It shows results obtained from the organic & paid searches, daily traffic, social media channels, referrals, and many others

All these above-listed benefits show that Google analytics tools make it easier for the website owner to invest in the right resources at the right times. This will surely help in enhancing the SEO efforts for enhanced outputs.

Use language that we naturally speak

Alexa, what time is it?

When you instruct something like that to the Alexa, the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant device, it brings to you the most relevant result. Do you know what forces work behind these activities?

The advancements made in the big data and machine learning have helped the companies and popular search engines like Google to improve their search algorithms to understand the way people generally speak. This reflects the way they make queries on the search engines.

Therefore, it is advised to use the natural spoken language in the content of the website to come up with the fresh and unique content that can help the website to rank well.

Link to get your content found

Have you ever discovered a great article and want to tag it to your content to make it more effective and elaborate? Well, that is exactly what linking does!

The modern and traditional SEO practices advise that you must use relevant and high-quality links to the blogs and articles on your website. This helps in building the credibility of that content with the search engines, therefore, improving the ranking of the page in the SERPs.

Site audit for deeper understanding

How will you stand ahead of the competitors in terms of the digital presence of the company? How are you going to know that there are problems in certain components of the websites that can be easily fixed for better ranking? The easy solution is the site crawlers that pulls the necessary insights about the website.

The insights offered by the site crawlers include everything related to the problems that the website is facing. Whether it is the broken links on the website and the missing metadata, the crawlers let you fix all the problems for the better optimization of the website.

To sum up

Always remember that the first impressions are everything. Your online presence can be defined as the reflection of the principles that your brand believes in. Also, make sure that you do not perform wrong online activities to boost the performance of your brand online. Always be aware of that!