Your website is the first place that your valuable audience will visit and you need to make it appealing. You may be thinking that your website is the best crafted by the finest web designing professional, but still, there are things that you need to correct. Mobile devices are the most influential technology that consumes web content. So, this makes clear that responsive web design is an important design criterion in the industry.

The world is more advanced now and people need websites that are creative and minimalist, the definition of responsive web design is now crafted as fashionable templates and eye-catching design. Now the focus of web designing is diverted in providing a uniform user experience to the audience across all platforms, particularly mobile devices.

Creating a stand-alone experience for each device type and screen resolution is not a good idea and will create a colossal burden on the resources. Providing uniform experience to all visitors, irrespective of the device will be the best option for developing responsive websites.


Here are the common web designing mistakes that you need to avoid to make a best responsive website


Never hide the content from users

Have you ever hidden the content from your audience? If yes then this is the thing that limits your website to become responsive. You can’t make craft a responsive website that doesn’t mean you should cut the content or crop it from the screen.

Such a problem arises when your web designers are restrained with the screen size. With the help of this, you can easily render the content but in the long run, it will be a great mistake for you. By offering your audience hidden content, you are ultimately forcing them to view your websites on small screens.

Instead of forcing them, you should concentrate on making your website responsive to witness the best outcomes.


Opting for too many Java Library

We all have witnessed this many times in our life that websites have design elements and menus that took a long time to load. The reason because of this long leading time is the JavaScript library that takes too much time to render.

While developers design the website in high-end computers and it works perfectly but the negative effects seen in small mobiles that can’t handle the load. The solution for this is to use CDN to speed it up.


Designing for Desktop First

Designing the desktop site first and then going for a mobile will be a little hard for you. As a UI designer, to start with mobile-first and then moving to desktop design will give you more advantages and easier for you.

The mobile design includes all the important design elements and content so opting for mobile-first will make your job easy and efficient. It will simplify the development of the desktop version as most of the important work is already done.


Excessive content

Designer hardly considers user experience while designing the blueprint of the website and this is what creates blunder. Crafting the strategy for the website, a designer needs to comply with all the user experience and should focus on the context. And such mistakes will lead to the load time of the website.

It is recognized that a user puts only 5 seconds to shift to screens in a mobile device. So, the designer has just 5 seconds to hook the visitors and convert it into potential customers.

Removing unnecessary items from your websites such as content and other not useful information is the best way to ensure that the website is superior, lighter and responsive on all devices.


Neglecting the power of touch

All handheld devices contain a touch-sensitive interface, so opting for touch-sensitive interfaces is a very crucial aspect of responsive web design.

Here are 2 important aspects you need to read:

  • Humans are less active on small screens and preferred a click of a mouse on the desktop rather than tapping on the small screen.
  • You need to use touch targets that are at least 44px square so that the visitors can tap with ease.

While designing the website for mobile users, you need to put your legs in their shoes to get the best results. You can’t ignore the touchscreen interface design. Make sure you put all your navigational links simple so that users can tap with ease.


Wrapping Up

The advancement of mobile has created a new revolution for an outstanding and responsive website. Your website is the first impression that the user will create in his/her mind so making it outstanding will always give you better outcomes. We hope that after reading the whole article you have understood all the mistakes that you are doing on your website and will rectify it with the best available solution.

There are a lot more mistakes that your website may be suffering from so hiring a professional web designer or web designing agency will help you out with the best outcomes.  If you know any other mistakes that can make the website dull then please mention it in the comment section.